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Detecting Objects using Machine Learning I

Detecting Objects using YOLOThis post deals with my small project on YOLO. It is a great project which if linked with an Arduino will certainly make you win Google Science Fair. Pardon 😁

It also enables to localize the object. If you lost your specs then maybe this will certainly work.

So YOLO stands for "You Only Look Once". Yes, YOLO looks at the image only once. It works by dividing the image into K x K cells

A bit like this
Fig 1 - Image divided into cells
Before working on YOLO have a look at its output like this when I ran an edited version of YOLO over the above image. Fig 2 - YOLO Output using classification.

Each of these yellow boxes is called bounding box in YOLO language. Each cell in Fig 1  will generate bounding boxes. Treat each image cell as an individual cell and a CNN is run over that image to extract out the features from it. If that feature is significant then a bounding box is drawn over that portion of a particular cell with a bounding information or confiden…