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Self Balancing Bot with PID

In my previous project, I dealt with self-balancing robot without PID controller in this version of embedded the PID control on the same boat and the results are a better than the previous version obviously I am using the control systems part where our main objective is to achieve a critically damped robot. It should reach the steady state as it should have fewer oscillations and it should also recover from light to medium push.

In my previous bot without PID, I had to face problems where the robot will run away with a certain angle. Let's said it x and the Motors will move forward to balance the boat, however, the force or better say pseudo force that acts on the bot will be equal to the force that is pulling the robot downloads at a certain time. When these two forces balance the Robot full neither fall down nor it attain its vertical position. In this Mod, the robot will keep moving forward and forward in forward and finally, it will fall down
Obviously controlling this robot …

Self-Balancing Bot without PID

Self Balancing robot is one awesome form of the subject Control Systems. It relies on the topic "Feedback Controller".It always feels awesome to work on these projects and to calibrate your bot according to your needs. Although calibration my bot took less time than to work with PIDs which can take ages and ages also. Auto-Tune PID is also available to manipulate your bot but still, hard work deserves more reward and peace.

In this project, I haven't used PID control to control the motion of bot. That doesn't mean that my bot is unstable or it will wobble around here and there. It is indeed stable and can recover from sudden jerks and movements too. I am not using the enable pins of L293D IC which is used to control the motors using PWM signal I am using here a soft coded PWM signal and decoding part of Arduino to determine the speed of the motor with the respect to the angle. Also, I coded a virtual encoder that can help my bot to return to its original place from …