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Gate Primitives


Verilog Code for MOD 6 Counter


Verilog Code for MOD 5 Counter


Verilog Code for MOD Counters


Setup Time and Hold Time

Setup time and Hold time are very important concepts when designing circuits. Compromising with these parameters would give an organized output. Whenever we see a circuit, we see it switching instantly ON and instantly OFF. It just appears like teleportation. Electronics from the low state were teleported to a higher state and vice versa. However, teleportation never occurs in electronics. No matter how fast switching circuits has been invented, it will always take some amount of time. Switching a circuit from LOW to HIGH does involve time. The time involved is as small as nanoseconds or picoseconds.

Setup Time: The minimum time required to keep the input data stable while the clock has started to change is called Setup Time. Any change or malfunction of data within this period leads to Setup Violations.
Hold Time: The minimum time required to keep the input data stable after the clock transition has taken place is called Hold Time. Any change or malfunction of data within this perio…

Verilog simulation in Xilinx

Hi  In this post, I am going to show you how to simulate a Verilog code in Xilinx ISE. I have included every step with an image so that the user can easily understand every step clearly. 
Ok let's begin  I am using Xilinx ISE version 14.2  You can have your own version of Xilinx or ModelSim or MultiSim HDL Simulator but the methodologies for implementing a Verilog code within them might be different. 
For this post its version 14.2 

First of all click on the desktop icon ISE Design Suite 14.2 

A Window will open. After the window opens, which might take some time depending on your system configuration. Click on the tab "New Project" as shown below. 

Enter the name of the project in the first field. Be sure that the location where you are going to save your project is having permission to write. You cannot save at a location that has only read only permission.  Click "Next" and select the "Device" field as Spartan 6 because that's what I am going …