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ESP32 Cam programming without Adapters!

How to program ESP32cam with an Arduino UNO?
I recently bought an ESP32cam model from Banggood for a very low price at just $4. Well, that was an exiting deal and I knew it was certainly calling me to buy it. I have always wanted a portable streaming module with fewer wires and compact. Using OV7650 module is a mess with Arduino and damn! those wires look like they are inviting a spider within its mesh.
Here, have a gaze at the beautiful ESP32cam with Wifi and a low-quality camera.

Now run to your hobby store and grab an Arduino Uno. Yes, I didn't want to spend extra bucks for FTDI programmer. Better buy the Uno version with swappable IC as we have to remove the Atmel IC from it or else our programming will be a mess.
Open Arduino IDE. Click File and go to Preferences option. Then in the text are on the lower side of dialogue box where it says> Additional Board Managers URL, paste the following:

Here is a screenshot of that…